Solid Rock Baptist Church
The "Christian Athlete" Bible Study Series
Beginning January 19, 2014 in our Sunday Afternoon Services

The Winter Olympics are coming up soon where the world's best athletes will be competing for secular honor and glory.

As Christians we are supposed to run the race set before us and fight the good fight of faith that we might honor the Lord and one day receive a crown that fadeth not away at the Judgment Seat of Christ. To do this we must be in tip-to spiritual condition.

The Pastor will be preaching and teaching a 4 to 6 week series on the Christian Athlete. He will be comparing and contrasting the physical conditioning needed for carnal competition with the spiritual conditioning required to meet the demands of Christian service.

It seems that we have started a "new thing" here at Solid Rock BC.
In the Spring we had a Men's Bible Study Fellowship that ran for 12 weeks and we studied about the Abundant Christian Life. This Fall we are going to conduct a 6 week session on the topic, "How To Study the Bible," with the emphasis on proper biblical interpretation and practical application. As we go through the study, we will also do something that I have not seen anyone else do, and that is, we will take some time to see how to actually use a reference Bible for study. (We will be using the Old Scofield Reference Bible, which I use and recommend, as do all good independent, fundamental, premillennial Baptists -- lol)

This study is for Christian men, and men that are seeking the truth.  If you are a man interested in Bible truth,  please contact me if you have questions before committing yourself to our study. 

The sessions will run 6 weeks, from October 3, 10, 17, 24, and into  November 7 and 14.  They will be held on Thursday nights. Start time  is 7 pm and we will try to be done about 8 pm. We meet at the church- house. 

Again, this 6 weeks, one hour a night, commitment  could change your life and improve your eternity.

I believe it will be fun, interesting, and informative, and "worth your while."   Pray about coming and bringing a friend.


Dr. Larry Seals

December 6, 7 & 8 --- 2013

Friday Night - 7 PM
Saturday Night - 6 PM
Sunday - 11 AM and 1:30 PM

(There will be a Potluck Dinner between the 
Sunday morning and afternoon services)