Solid Rock Baptist Church
"God Wants Your Lunch"
We were privileged to have Dr. Ballew with us recently. Bro. Ballew has been preaching for over 50 years!  He surrendered to preach the Gospel when he was 18 years old back in 1960. He pastored in East Tennessee for s number of years before going into the field of evanglism, which he  has been doing for over 25 years now.  This message is taken from the feeding of the multitude in Matthew 14. He shows how God can take your life, touch and transform it for the glory of God. He has an internet radio ministry called "Harvest Time" where you can hear him preach and teach the Bible everyday.
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06/28/2012 07:47

Eating a healthy lunch is important food gives us our energy. Eating a nutrient-packed lunch helps us avoid a mid-afternoon crash.


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